Kunena Migration

Before starting the migration:

  • upgrade both the source and target websites to the latest available versions of the component
  • backup the source and target websites

Migrate core functions with JUpgrade or SP Upgrade or similar so that user ids are preserved.

Export the 24 x Joomla 1.5 Kunena databases with “Quick” and “SQL” options (Note: you can multiple select tables and export them as one file):

  • jos_kunena_announcement
  • jos_kunena_attachments
  • jos_kunena_attachments_bak
  • jos_kunena_categories
  • jos_kunena_config
  • jos_kunena_config_backup
  • jos_kunena_favorites
  • jos_kunena_groups
  • jos_kunena_messages
  • jos_kunena_messages_text
  • jos_kunena_moderation
  • jos_kunena_polls
  • jos_kunena_polls_options
  • jos_kunena_polls_users
  • jos_kunena_ranks
  • jos_kunena_sessions
  • jos_kunena_smileys
  • jos_kunena_subscriptions
  • jos_kunena_subscriptions_categories
  • jos_kunena_thankyou
  • jos_kunena_users
  • jos_kunena_users_banned
  • jos_kunena_version
  • jos_kunena_whoisonline

If necessary, amend table prefixes by searching and replacing all of the old prefixes e.g. jos_ to j25_ inside the file(s).

Delete the 22 x Joomla 2.5 Kunena databases.

Import the Joomla 1.5 Kunena databases into Joomla 2.5.

Copy across files in /media/kunena/attachments/

In Category Manager, reapply the permissions as these don’t seem to be copied across.


Mantosh Singh