Best Practices-Software Configuration and Release Management (SCRM)

Introduction The development of software applications is an evolutionary process, moving towards some predetermined end goals. These goals are usually…

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Most User P4 Command Line – P4 Commands Reference

p4 add Open file(s) in a client workspace for addition to the depot. Assigns a specific file type to a…

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Introduction to MSBuild – Quick Intro Guide

Introduction to MSBuild Microsoft supported build engine XML-based configuration file Intellisense available from Visual Studio using supplied schema Ships with…

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HOWTO: Install e17 from SVN/source on Ubuntu

E17 is a lightweight window manager/bundle of libraries for Unix based operating systems. E17 is designed to be both elegant…

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How to read XML file by using shell script ?

This was like the first time where I had to write something that will be able to read something out…

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Maven 3.0-beta-1 Release – What’s new in Maven 3.0? – Quick guide

The Apache Maven team would like to announce the release of Maven 3.0-beta-1. Maven 3.0-beta-1 is available for download from…

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