Command line switches of devenv.exe

To see this list, type devenv /? on command prompt /build – build the specified solution configuration /project – specifies…

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Windows XP/2000 Commands & Tools

Windows XP/2000 Commands & Tools Here’s the ultimate Windows XP/2000 command list that will make any Linux user feel at…

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SVN SERVER SETUP Step to setting subversion server for administrator:- 1. Check to see if subversion is installed:- # rpm…

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Release Artificats with Maven Release and Git Flow Plugins

There are various ways using you can release the artifacts.  There are two plugins which is being frequently used is……

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Inrtroduction of Sonatype Nexus

Sonatype Nexus: Manage Artifacts Sonatype Nexus sets the standard for repository management providing development teams with the ability to proxy…

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Step by Step Instruction to Upgrade Perforce to 2014

Step by Step Instruction to Upgrade Perforce to 2014 The step are as follows: a) Check if the license is…

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Introduction of Gradle

Gradle is build automation evolved. Gradle can automate the building, testing, publishing, deployment and more of software packages or other…

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Ways to Perforce server Disk Space Cleanup and Repos Size Management

DRAFT VERSION Cleaning up Old Checkpoints Playing with Symlink(Softlink) and Redirecting the ROOT folder to drive where we have enough…

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Interview Questions and Answer for Perforce Version Control Tool

Some of the perforce commands which is not commonly used but useful. p4 annotate – Print file lines along with…

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AnthillPro Training | AnthillPro Course | Online | Classroom | India

Course Summary AnthillPro automates the process of building code into software projects and testing it to verify that project quality…

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Apache Ant Training | Apache Ant Course | Online | Classroom | India

Course SummaryThis course introduces Ant and how to use it for test-driven Java application development. A single application of increasing…

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PowerShell Training | PowerShell Course | Online | Classroom | India

PowerShell for Developers This course is about the stuff you do everyday – working with code and Visual Studio, source…

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Continuous Integration Training | Continuous Integration Course | Online | Classroom | India

Continuous integration techniques with MSBuild, TeamCity, NUnit, NCover, FxCop, and Microsoft Web Deploy scmGalaxy is a community initiatives based on…

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TeamCity Training | TeamCity Course | Online | Classroom | India

Click Here scmGalaxy is a community initiatives based on Software configuration management that helps community members to optimize their software…

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Training On Wise Packaging AppDeploy Training Videos provide point and click instructions to describe and illustrate Windows Installer, application deployment and other desktop…

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