Why DevOps Certification is important for an IT professional?

DevOps has become movement in the IT availability of qualified DevOps professionals as the major limitation. If you earn a DevOps Certification, you can offer your organisation loads of measurable…

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What are the top and best website to learn DevOps online?

Let’s first understand that what is DevOps then after we will discuss about the best website to learn DevOps online.. DevOps is all about Tools and Automation. It is a collaboration…

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What is DevOps? It’s Importance & DevOps as a Career?

DevOps has been taken from the two words that is Development and Operations. DevOps is not a tool, not a software and not at all a programming language that you…

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Top 5 online platforms where DevOps practitioners hangout

This is the age of Internet and social media and people’s spend more and more time on to the net and social networks. And when people spend their time somewhere…

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Top 10 DevOps Online Resources to learn, share and practice.

DevOps is a hot topic these days among-st IT professionals and when you as a student or professional who is related to this industry go to Google and search about…

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