Integrate Bugzilla with SVN

amitanand123 created the topic: Integrate Bugzilla with SVN
I need to integrate Bugzilla with SVN and for this i found a tool called SCMBUG.
I am facing problem while committing any code
Problem is
Command: Commit
Modified: D:\Tools\LogTablePurger\branches\abc\cm.txt
Sending content: D:\Tools\LogTablePurger\branches\abc\cm.txt
Completed: At revision: 1477
Error: post-commit hook failed (exit code 9) with output:
Error: Can’t call method “error” on an undefined value at /var/svn/repositories/LG/hooks/lib/scmbug/Scmbug/ line 221.

I have checked and comment the code
# $logger->error( $error_string );
(which is not a right approach as we need to catch the error log message)


Anyone suggest me any other tool to integrate Bugzilla with SVN

Thanks in advance

Rajesh Kumar
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