Any Possible Software/Plugin FoR SCM Workflow created the topic: Any possible Software/plugin for SCM workflow? Hey Team, Thanks for lot of information on the site. wonderful work. Any idea on SCM workflow software/framework ? which…

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Commonly Used Sign- Punctuation and their Name in Perl

Commonly Used Sign- Punctuation and their Name in Perl ( => ) Comma Arrow  ( ‘ ’, “ ”, ‘ ‘, ” “ ) à Quotation marks ( $ ) àDollar sign ( ~…

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Perl Training | Perl Course | Perl Quality Trainer | India

scmGalaxy is a community initiatives based on Software configuration management that helps community members to optimize their software development process, Software Development Life Cycle optimization, Agile Methodologies and improve productivity…

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Most asked Perl Interview Questions and Answers

What is Perl one-liner?

There are two ways a Perl script can be run:

a)from a command line, called one-liner, that means you type and execute immediately on the command line. You’ll need the -e option to start like “perl -e “print “Hello”;”. One-liner doesn’t mean one Perl statement. One-liner may contain many statements in one line.

b)from a script file, called Perl program.

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How to Execute external commands by using perl?

There are many ways to execute external commands from Perl. The most commons are: system function exec function backticks (“) operator open function All of these methods have different behaviour,…

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Difference between use and require in Perl – use Vs require in perl

|| use Vs require in perl || What is the difference between use and require? Except of course that use is evaluated at compile time where as require is evaluated…

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How to Check File Attributes in Perl ? Perl File Attributes explained

Checking File Attributes in Perl I have been using perl for quite some time now. I have also been using the file handling logic in my scripts. However, what I did…

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Perl Scripting Interview Questions and Answers

Can anyone help on these questions which i couldnt answer in my interview,because iam not sure on perl scripting iam learning the things in perl now. 1.What standard Perl modules…

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Introduction of Perl – Complete Overview

What is Perl Perl is a programming language, It’s Object Oriented, simple to learn and very powerful. Perl stand for: “Practical Extraction and Reporting Language”. Perl is an Interpreted language,…

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A script to find all users who have not set passwords

Write a script to find all users who have not set passwords. #!/usr/bin/ruby require “P4” p4 = p4.parse_forms p4.connect p4.run_users.each do |u| user = p4.fetch_user( u[ “User” ] )…

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