Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers in SVN (Subversion)

What is SVN? What is “branch” , “Tag” and “Trunk” in SVN ? what do you mean by “Synchronizing with Repository” ? How is it different from “Update” ? Difference…

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Git Interview Questions and Answer Part – 6

What is GIT? What is a repository in GIT? What is the command you can use to write a commit message? What is the difference between GIT and SVN and…

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Most asked Perl Interview Questions and Answers

What is Perl one-liner?

There are two ways a Perl script can be run:

a)from a command line, called one-liner, that means you type and execute immediately on the command line. You’ll need the -e option to start like “perl -e “print “Hello”;”. One-liner doesn’t mean one Perl statement. One-liner may contain many statements in one line.

b)from a script file, called Perl program.

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Selected AnthillPro Interview Questions and Answer

Selected AnthillPro Interview Questions Building Procedures in AnthillPro Deploying Procedures with AnthillPro Using AnthillPro for Audit Process of Integrating with Defect & Feature Tracking Process of Integrating with Static Code…

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Top Bamboo Interview Questions and Answer

Top Selected Bamboo Interview Questions Bamboo Questions: Tell me more about continuous integration ? How did you configured? Plugins used in Bamboo? Tell me more about Bamboo Schedule Options? How…

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Apache Interview Questions and Answer – Job Interview Kit

Apache Interview Questions – Apache Job Interview Kit On a fresh install, why does Apache have three config files – srm.conf, access.conf and httpd.conf? – The first two are remnants…

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Apache and HTTP Interview Questions and Answers – Interview Guide

Apache and HTTP Interview Questions and Answers – Interview Guide List of Apache and HTTP Interview Questions: – <!– /* Font Definitions */ @font-face {font-family:”Cambria Math”; panose-1:2 4 5 3…

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General SCM Interview Questions and Answer – SCM Job Interview Kit

  General SCM Interview Questions – SCM Job Interview Kit What do you think about configuration management? What do you understand about Change Management? branching methodologies and what currently theya…

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Shell/Bash Scripting Interview Questions and Answer – Part 1

Interview Questions Sets : Shell Script Descriptive Questions Sets What is shell scripting? Shell scripting is used to program command line of an operating system. Shell Scripting is also used…

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Maven Interview Questions and Answers – Maven Job Interview Kit

Maven Interview Questions and Answers Contributed by Rajesh Kumar with the help of Google Search and Is there a way to use the current date in the POM? Take…

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Shell/Bash Scripting Interview Questions and Answer – Part 2

Interview Questions Sets : Shell Programming How do you find out what’s your shell? Answer: echo $SHELL What’s the command to find out today’s date? Answer: date  What’s the command…

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List of Free Issue Tracking / Bug Tracking System

An issue tracking system (also called trouble ticket system or incident ticket system) is a computer software package that manages and maintains lists of issues, as needed by an organization….

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Click & Download TOP useful Freeware software

Click & Download TOP useful Freeware software Office OpenOffice – office suite PC Suite 602 – office suite AbiWord – text editor Atlantis Nova – text editor Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer  – power…

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