Chef is an open source tool for configuration management, focused on the developer side for its user base. Chef operates as a master-client model, with a separate workstation needed to control the master. It’s based in Ruby, with pure Ruby used for most elements you write. The Chef design is transparent and based on following the instructions it’s given, which means that you’ll have to make sure your instructions are clear.

When to use it: Before considering Chef, make sure you’re familiar with Git, as it’s required for configuration, and Ruby, as you’ll have to be writing in it. Chef is good for development-focused teams and environments. It’s good for enterprises looking for a more mature solution for a heterogeneous environment.

Price: Free open source version, standard and premium plans priced on a per node annual basis. The prices start at $137/node/annual for Chef Automate, or $72/node/annual for Hosted Chef.



Quick Start Video of Chef