Planning and Installing Chef

Planning for Chef


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Module Overview

Chef Planning Module
Chef Installing Problem
  • Traditional per-machine management (e.g. RDP/SSH,WinRM)
  • On-premises infrastructure expands. Management overhead increases
  • Infrastructure expands to incorporate cloud services
  • Traditional per-machine management does not Scale. Time wasted. Business loses agility
Chef Installing
Chef Installing


Denoting an element of a set which is unchanged in value when multiplied or otherwise operated on by itself

Hosted Chef or Chef Server?

Hosted Chef Chef Server
  • Fully cloud hosted (SaaS)
  • Easy to set up
  • No ongoing maintenance
  • Very limited customization options
  • No control over access speeds
  • Insta lied on-premises or cloud laaS
  • More complex installation
  • Requires normai maintenance
  • Allows fine-grained control
  • Enables rapid deployment/updates

Sign up for Hosted Chef

Create a new Hosted Chef account

Access the Chef Management Console

How Chef Works

Chef Works

Chef Server Components

Chef Server Components

Module Summary

Traditional server management doesn't scale well

Infrastructure-as-code lets us scale easily

Chef lets us declare a desired end-state

We know how Chef Server works

We know the core components of Chef

Installing Chef

Module Overview

Assumed Prerequisites

  • Microsoft Azure trial account
  • Windows: Azure PowerShell (WebPI)
  • Ubuntu: Azure CLI (nodejs-Iegacy & npm)

Prepare the Lab Environment

Create Azure AD admin account

Access deployment resources

Deploy Chef Environment

Download & Install Chef Server

Download & Install Chef Server

Download Chef Server to Azure VM

Install and Configure Chef Server

Install & Configure Chef Management Console

Install Chef Management Console

Install Management Console from Chef Server

Reconfigure Chef Server

Configure Management Console

Connect to Management Console

Install & Configure Chef Reporting

Install Chef Reporting

Install Reporting from Chef Server

Reconfigure Chef Server

Configure Reporting feature

Module Summary

Build a lab environment in Azure

Install Chef Server on Ubuntu

Install & configure Management Console

Install & configure Reporting feature

Configuring the Chef Workstation

Module Overview

Chef Workstation

Install Chef Development Kit

Install Git

Download and Install ChefDk

Configure shell Environment

Configure ChefDk

Download Chef Lab Starter Kit

Download SSL certificates

Verify ChefDK

Start Using ChefDK

Explore ChefDK

Create a basic Chef Cookbook

Create a basic Chef Receipe

Upload to Chef-Server

Module Summary

Configure workstation with ChefDK

Create first Chef repository

Connect to chef-server

Upload cookbook to chef-server

Bootstrapping Chef Nodes

Module Overview

Deploy Client Servers

Deploy Ubuntu Server client

Deploy Windows Server client

Verify connectivity to chef-server

Bootstrap Clients

Bootstrap Linux client

Bootstrap Windows client

Verify Chef client connectivity

Perform a Chef Client Run

Trigger a Chef client run

Monitor the client run

Examine the client run results

Configure Clients with Chef Recipes

Assign clients to roles

Trigger client run

Verify successful runlist execution

Check the results!

Module Summary

Provision client servers

Bootstrap clients

Execute client run

Configure clients with Chef cookbooks

Course Summary

Built a lab using Azure Resource Manager

Installed Chef Server from scratch

Installed ChefDK

Wrote recipes and cookbooks

Provisioned & bootstrapped Chef clients

Configured clients using Chef

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