Monitor Types in Datadog

SI Monitor Type in Datadog
1 Host - Check if one or more hosts are reporting to Datadog.
2 Metric - Compare values of a metric with a user-defined threshold.
3 Anomaly - Detect anomalous behavior for a metric based on historical data
4 Outlier - Alert on members of a group behaving differently than the others.
5 Forecast - Alert when a metric is projected to cross a threshold.
6 Integration - Monitor metric values or health status from a specific integration.
7 Live Process - Check if one or more processes are running on a host.
8 Process Check - Watch the status produced by the process.up service check.
9 Network - Check the status of TCP/HTTP endpoints.
10 Custom Check - Monitor the status of arbitrary custom checks.
11 Event - Monitor events gathered by Datadog.
12 Logs - Monitor logs gathered by Datadog.
13 APM - Compare an APM metric to a user-defined threshold.
14 Real User Monitoring - Monitor real user data gathered by Datadog.
15 Watchdog - Get notified when Watchdog detects anomalous behavior.
16 Composite - Alert on an expression combining multiple monitors.