Jenkins Labs and Exercise

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Exercise 1

Assignment 1: Setup a Jenkins Job with Apache Ant Build Tool

Source Code -

Assignment 2: Setup a Jenkins Job with Apache Maven

Source Code -

Assignment 3: Setup a Jenkins Job with Batch Script

Source Code -

Assignment 4: Setup a Jenkins Job with Nant

Source Code -

Assignment 5: Setup a Jenkins Job with DOT Net code base

Source Code -

Assignment 6: Setup a Jenkins build Pipeline with Build, Test, Package, Deploy using following code base

Source Code -

Exercise 2

  • Add a Linux Node (Also Check SSH Slaves plugin plugins)

  • Add a Windows Node

  • Assign a Java Based Job to Linux and Build it

  • Assign a MSBuild Based to Windows and Build it

  • Important - All the Environment variables and tools location should be defined in the node its. Not into Jenkins Job or Slave server.

Exercise 3

  1. How can I make Jenkins CI with git trigger on pushes to master?

  2. How to schedule jobs in Jenkins

  3. How to move Jenkins from one PC to another?

  4. How to start jenkins on different port rather than 8080 using command prompt in Windows?

  5. Jenkins / Hudson environment variables

  6. How to install a plugin in Jenkins manually?

  7. Jenkins Git Plugin: How to build specific tag?

  8. Checkout multiple git repos into same Jenkins workspace

  9. How do I clone a job in jenkins?

  10. How do I make a Jenkins job start after multiple simultaneous upstream jobs succeed?

  11. How to promote a specific build number from another job in Jenkins?

  12. Jenkins - passing variables between jobs?

  13. Jenkins security - hide all screens unless user is logged in

  14. Execute Shell Script after post build in Jenkins

  15. How do I clear my Jenkins/Hudson build history?

  16. Jenkins restrict view of jobs per user

  17. How to get a list of installed jenkins plugins with name and version pair?

  18. Managing SSH keys within Jenkins for Git

  19. How to reset build number in jenkins?

  20. How to shutdown my Jenkins safely?

  21. Change Jenkins default view

  22. Same work space for multiple jobs

  23. How to conditionally build other projects?

  24. How to run jenkins as a different user

  25. Jenkins - how to build a specific branch

  26. Jenkins - maximum number of concurrent jobs

  27. How do I get Jenkin's to build on push to a BitBucket git repository?

  28. jenkins HTML in Job description

  29. How to restart Jenkins manually?

  30. How do I make Jenkins build fail when Maven unit tests fail?

  31. How to exclude git branch from building in Jenkins

  32. Export/import jobs in Jenkins

Exercise 4

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