Session 4 - Kubernetes - CKA Certification - Introduction - Part 4 Out of 20

  • Session 4 - Kubernetes - CKA Certification - Introduction - Part 4 Out of 20
    ( ** Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Certification Training : ** )
    Kubernetes is one of the most popular technology in Cloud Computing as of today. Learning Kubernetes is essential for any DevOps professional. And One of the most in-demand certification is Kubernetes Administration.
    In this session and in this series we are going to learn various aspects of Kubernetes Administration which will help you to prepare for the Certified Kubenretes Administrator exam OR CKA exam.
    This series is divided into 20 parts, therefore subscibe to our channel and follow the playlist for complete understanding.:-
    Getting Started with Kubernetes
    —— What is Kubernetes?—
    —— Why Kubernetes?
    —— Benefits of using Kubernetes
    Kubernetes Architecture
    — Big picture view
    — Masters
    ———— The Kubernetes control plane
    ———— Multi-master HA
    ———— Kube-apiserver
    ———— Cluster store
    ———— Kube-controller-manager
    ———— Kube-scheduler
    ———— Master-control plane components
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    Who should go for this course?
    ~DevOps engineers/professionals
    ~Automation Engineers
    ~System Administrators
    ~Application Developers
    Course Pre-requisites
    ~Basic Linux Commands
    ~Docker Fundamentals
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