Ansible Tutorial - Ansible tutorial for beginners - November 2019

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    In this video tutorial we are going to teach you about Ansible which is a configuration management, and application-deployment tool.
    After going through this tutorial I promise you that the concept and understanding of the Ansible will be absolutely clear to you. Following are the topics covered in the video:
    ~Introduction of Configuration Management
    ~Understand the problems in Servers config management
    ~Finding out the solutions for Servers config management
    ~What is Ansible
    ~Benefits of Ansible
    ~Ansible Vs Chef Vs Puppet
    ~Ansible Architecture
    ~How Ansible Works?
    ~Introduction to YAML
    ~Setup Ansible Developement Environment
    ~Introduction of Ansible Commands lines
    ~Introduction of Ansible Modules
    ~Introduction of Ansible Play
    ~Introduction of Ansible Playbook
    ~Introduction of Ansible Configurations
    ~Introduction of Ansible Inventory
    ~Writing a Play Using Modules
    ~Writing a Playbook
    ~Writing a Inventory
    ~Running a Playbook in Local Server
    ~Running a Playbook in Remote Server
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    Who should go for this course?
    ~DevOps engineers
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    ~Anyone who wants to learn to automate without coding
    ~Basic Linux Administrator Skills
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