Kubernetes Essential Tutorial - November 2019 - By DevOpsSchool.com

  • Kubernetes Essential Tutorial - November 2019 - By DevOpsSchool.com
    ***** Kubernetes Essential Training: -bit.ly/2qRVpqA *****
    This Kubernetes Tutorial will cover the following topics:
    Understanding the Need of Kubernetes
    Understanding Kubernetes Architecture
    Understanding Kubernetes Concepts
    Kubernetes and Microservices
    Understanding Kubernetes Masters and its Component
    Understanding Kubernetes Nodes and its Component
    Understanding Kubernetes Addons
    Understand Kubernetes Terminology
    Kubernetes Pod Overview
    Kubernetes ReplicationContrller Overview
    Kubernetes Deployment Overview
    Kubernetes Servcie Overview
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    The following professionals can go for this course:
    + Software Professionals
    + Testing Professionals
    + Software Architects and Designers
    + Open source contributors and enthusiasts
    + Developers & Programmers
    + Managers who are leading software development projects
    Basic knowledge of Windows and LINUX Command line.
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