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  • Chef is an infrastructure as code DevOps automation tool. Chef allows you to build reusable recipes to deploy in your environment. These recipes are known as tasks and are assigned to put your environment in a specific state. We use these tasks to install packages, update configuration files, and lots more! A solution for both small and large scale systems, Chef is used to streamline and automate configuration and maintenance tasks. Chef is a thin DSL built on top of Ruby, which supports both Linux and Windows. Chef provides enough abstraction to make reasoning about your infrastructure easy.
    Chef Training in Bangalore:
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    About Chef Training & Certification in Bangalore
    DevOpsSchool conduct public classroom Chef training and workshop in the Bangalore city on regular intervals under skilledful and experienced Chef trainers, coaches, mentors and consultants. Our Chef Training in Bangalore Course Fees is very moderate compared to other institutes. We are the only Chef training institute that provides video reviews of all our Participants. Apart from Bangalore, we also provide and conduct Chef classroom training and workshop in Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Gurgaon, Netherlands, Singapore, USA, UK, Israel etc.
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