Octopus Deploy Crash Course - May - 2019 by Rajesh Kumar

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    This Octopus Tutorial will explains:
    1. What is Octopus Deploy?
    2. Were Octopus stands in SDLC cycle?
    3. How to install Octopus Deploy?
    4. Workflow in Octopus?
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    About the course
    Octopus Deploy is package & repository management system to automate the deployment of different applications build using different scripts into development, test and production environment. It limits who can deploy to production, ensure releases have been tested first and schedule deployment. Developers, Testing team and QA team everyone can take benefits as its easy to start and it makes most complex deployment made easier. Even organizations are taking benefit from Octopus Deploy.
    DevOpsSchool offers Octopus Deploy Training course for the teams of developers, QA and testing available in Online & Offline mode. Our expert instructors for Octopus Deploy are real time professionals and having experienced of various years in the domain.
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