Slider Revolution 6.0 - Scroll Based Keyframes (Example Download in Description)

  • You can download the final result of this quick tutorial here:
    A few remarks when creating a scroll based scene:
    Layers that have timeline scroll based handling "enabled" are only animating depending on their scroll position.
    To prevent them from just "popping up" when the module loads, this trick can be used:
    1. Place the layer that should animate on scroll inside a group
    2. Disable the scroll based handling for the group
    3. Add an animation to the group, which will be played time based (this is your smooth in-animation for the layer!)
    4. The whole timeline duration is mapped on the height of the module in the frontend. This is why you need to space out the keyframes of your scroll based animation layer.
    5. Add a short keyframe in which the layer will be visible immediately (The group will be the in-animation) and place a longer keyframe at a later point in the timeline.
    In addition, the "fixed during scroll" option allows you to specify a range on the timeline during which the module will be in a fixed position.
    More info in the documentation:
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