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    This Git Tutorial will cover the following topics:
    What is Git?
    Understanding version control
    The history of Git
    About distributed version control
    Who should use Git?
    Installing Git
    Installing Git on a Mac
    Installing Git on Windows
    Installing Git on Linux
    Configuring Git
    Exploring Git auto-completion
    Using Git help
    Getting Started
    Initializing a repository
    Understanding where Git files are stored
    Performing your first commit
    Writing commit messages
    Viewing the commit log
    Git Concepts and Architecture
    Exploring the three-trees architecture
    The Git workflow
    Using hash values (SHA-1)
    Working with the HEAD pointer
    Making Changes to Files
    Adding files
    Editing files
    Viewing changes with diff
    Viewing only staged changes
    Deleting files
    Moving and renaming files
    Using Git with a Real Project
    Introducing the Explore California web site
    Initializing Git
    Editing the support phone number
    Editing the backpack file name and links
    Undoing Changes
    Undoing working directory changes
    Unstaging files
    Amending commits
    Retrieving old versions
    Reverting a commit
    Using reset to undo commits
    Demonstrating a soft reset
    Demonstrating a mixed reset
    Demonstrating a hard reset
    Removing untracked files
    Ignoring Files
    Using .gitignore files
    Understanding what to ignore
    Ignoring files globally
    Ignoring tracked files
    Tracking empty directories
    Navigating the Commit Tree
    Referencing commits
    Exploring tree listings
    Getting more from the commit log
    Viewing commits
    Comparing commits
    Branching overview
    Viewing and creating branches
    Switching branches
    Creating and switching branches
    Switching branches with uncommitted changes
    Comparing branches
    Renaming branches
    Deleting branches
    Configuring the command prompt to show the branch
    Merging Branches
    Merging code
    Using fast-forward merge vs. true merge
    Merging conflicts
    Resolving merge conflicts
    Exploring strategies to reduce merge conflicts
    Fast Forward Merge
    Three way Merge
    Using local and remote repositories
    Adding a remote repository
    Creating a remote branch
    Cloning a remote repository
    Tracking remote branches
    Pushing changes to a remote repository
    Fetching changes from a remote repository
    Merging in fetched changes
    Checking out remote branches
    Pushing to an updated remote branch
    Deleting a remote branch
    Enabling collaboration
    A collaboration workflow
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    + Software Professionals
    + Testing Professionals
    + Software Architects and Designers
    + Open source contributors and enthusiasts
    + Developers & Programmers
    + Managers who are leading software development projects
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