Puppet Fundamental Tutorial for Beginners with Demo 2020 — By DevOpsSchool

  • Puppet Fundamental Tutorial for Beginners with Demo 2020 — By DevOpsSchool
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    In this video tutorial we are going to teach you about Puppet which is a configuration management tool.
    After going through this tutorial I promise you that the concept and understanding of the Puppet will be absolutely clear to you.
    Following are the topics covered in the video:
    Introduction To Configuration Management
    Why Puppet?
    How To Access Your Working Files
    Learn the Puppet Infrastructure
    Introduction To Puppet Run Cycle
    Puppet Resources - How To Define System Resources
    Applying A Simple Puppet Manifest
    Puppet Types
    The Package File Service Patter
    Applying Conditional Logic In Puppet
    Fact Conditionals - Choosing A Course Of Action
    Defining Nodes
    Puppet Modules - Reusable Code
    MCollective And Live Management
    MCollective With Puppet
    Using MCollective To Interact With Services
    Using MCollective To Interact With Puppet
    Managing Modules With Librarian-Puppet
    Managing Directory Environments And Modules With R10K
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    Pre-requisite for this course
    - Anyone who in IT/Software and EC domain, Can become a devops engineer.
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