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    This Docker Tutorial will cover the following topics:
    = What is Virtualization?
    = What is Containerization?
    = Why Containerization?
    = How Docker is good fit for Containerization?
    = How Docker works?
    = Docker Architecture
    = Docker Installations & Configurations
    = Docker Components
    *Docker Engine
    *Docker Image
    *Docker Containers
    *Docker Registry
    = Docker Basic Workflow
    = Managing Docker Containers
    = Creating our First Image
    = Understading Docker Images
    = Creating Images using Dockerfile
    = Managing Docker Images
    = Using Docker Hub registry
    = Docker Networking
    = Docker Volumes
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    The following professionals can go for this course:
    + Developers
    + System Admins
    + Testers
    + Operation engineers
    + Architects
    + Cloud Professionals
    + Release Engineers
    + Those who wish a strong foundation in Docker technologies
    +Basic Knowledge about Linux Administration
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