JIRA Essential to Advance Tutorial with Demo 2020 - By DevOpsSchool.com

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    This JIRA Tutorial will cover the following topics:
    = Overview of Jira
    = Use cases of Jira
    = Architecture of Jira
    = Installation and Configuraration of Jira in Linux
    = Installation and Configuraration of Jira in Windows
    = Jira Terminologies
    = Understanding Types of Jira Projects
    = Working with Projects
    = Working with Jira Issues
    = Adding Project Components and Versions
    = Use Subtasks to Better Manage and Structure Your Issues
    = Link Issues to Other Resources
    = Working in an Agile project
    = Working with Issues Types by Adding/Editing/Deleting
    = Working with Custom Fields by Adding/Editing/Deleting
    = Working with Screens by Adding/Editing/Deleting
    = Searching and Filtering Issues
    = Working with Workflow basic
    = Introduction of Jira Plugins and Addons.
    = Jira Integration with Github
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    The following professionals can go for this course:
    + Software Testers
    + Test Leads
    + Test Managers
    + Developers
    + Development Managers
    + Business Analysts
    + Project managers
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