Git Advance Tutorial - By

  • Git Advance Tutorial - By
    Git Training:-
    In this video tutorial, we are going to learn about Git.
    Git is a free and open source distributed version control system which tracking the changes in source code during software development with speed and efficiency. It is designed for coordinating work among programmers and used to track changes in any set of files.
    After going through this session I promise you that the concept and understanding of the Git will be absolutely clear to you.
    Following are the topics covered in the video:
    Understanding version control
    The history of Git
    About distributed version control
    Who should use Git?
    Installing Git on a Mac
    Installing Git on Windows
    Installing Git on Linux
    Configuring Git
    Exploring Git auto-completion
    Using Git help
    Initializing a repository
    Understanding where Git files are stored
    Performing your first commit
    Writing commit messages
    Viewing the commit log
    Exploring the three-trees architecture
    The Git workflow
    Using hash values (SHA-1)
    Working with the HEAD pointer
    Adding files
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    Who should go for this course ?
    - Anyone who in IT/Software and EC domain, Can become a devops engieer.
    - DevOps Engineer enable For Fat Paycheck.
    - DevOps would enable To Get A Job easily.
    - Fast Career Growth.
    - Fewer Software Failure.
    - Faster Software Releases.
    - Exposure To Various Trending Tools and Technologies.
    - Separate Yourself From The Crowd in IT industry
    - Become More Valuable To The Company
    - Understanding 360 Degree View Of The SDLC cycle
    Pre-requisite for this course
    - Anyone who in IT/Software and EC domain, Can become a devops engieer.
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