Windows's Examples




git status [<options>…​] [--] [<pathspec>…​]

Show Desktop

Windows Key + D

Open Charms Menu

Windows Key + C

File menu options in the current program.

Alt + F

Edits options in the current program.

Alt + E

Selects all text.

Ctrl + A

Cuts the selected item.

Ctrl + X

Delete the Select Item

Ctrl + Del

Copy the selected item.

Ctrl + C

Switch between open applications.

Alt + Tab

Switch backward between open applications.

Alt + Shift + Tab

Create screenshot for the current program.

Alt + Print Screen

Reboot/Windows task manager.

Ctrl + Alt + Del

Bring up the start menu.

Ctrl + Esc

Switch between applications on the taskbar.

Alt + Esc

Close current open program.

Alt + F4

Bold the slected text


Show Advanced Windows Settings Menu

Windows Key + X

Cycle through icons on taskbar (press Enter to launch app)

Windows Key + T

Lock PC and go to lock screen

Windows Key + L

Launch Windows Explorer Window

Windows Key + E

Temporarily view desktop

Windows Key + ,

Snaps app to the right (split screen multitasking)

Windows Key + .

Cycle through open Modern UI Apps in reverse order

Windows Key + Shift + Tab

Cycle through open Modern UI Apps

Windows Key + Tab

to go on the Feedback Hub

Windows Key + F

to Enable the Microsoft Speech Services

Windows Key + H

Open screen cast window on right bottom of window

Windows Key + K

Search For Installed Apps

Windows Key + Q

to Open Search Settings

Windows Key + W

Moves Start screen and apps to secondary monitor on the right

Windows Key + Page Down

Minimize all Windows

Windows Key + M

Restore all minimized Windows

Windows Key + Shift + M

Open Run dialog box

Windows Key + R

Minimize current window

Windows Key + Down Arrow

Maximize current window to left side of the screen

Windows Key + Left Arrow

Maximize current window to right side of the screen

Windows Key + Right Arrow

Open Task Manager

Ctrl + Shift + Escape

Display System Properties

Windows Key + Pause Break

Permanently delete files without sending it to Recycle Bin

Shift + Delete

Open Windows Help and Support

Windows Key + F1

Cycle through notifications

Windows Key + V

Cycle through notifications in reverse order

Windows Key + Shift + V

Launch/show app pinned to taskbar at indicated number

Windows Key + 0 to 9

Launch new instance of app pinned to taskbar at indicated number

Windows Key + Shift + 0 to 9

Display Properties of selected item in File Explorer

Alt + Enter

View upper level folder of current folder in File Explorer

Alt + Up Arrow

View next folder in File Explorer

Alt + Right Arrow

View previous folder in File Explorer

Alt + Left Arrow

Switch input language and keyboard layout

Windows Key + Spacebar

Switch to previous input language and keyboard layout

Windows Key + Shift + Spacebar

Exit Magnifier

Windows Key + Escape

Bold all the selected text

ctrl + b

Full down the page

ctrl + d

To find any text in your editor or page

ctrl + f

To go form one window to another window

ctrl + g

To Replace any text

ctrl + h

To Italic any selected text

ctrl + i

To insert Hyperlink

ctrl + k

To open new workbook

ctrl + n

To open any file

ctrl + o

To print any document

ctrl + p

to reload your browser

ctrl + r

To save any document

ctrl + s

To create table

ctrl + t

To paste anything

ctrl + v

Get Help


Rename File and Folder


Find file and Folder


Repeat the Last step




Style in Photoshop


To Check spelling and Grammer


Safe Mode




Select file Menu


Full Screen your wnidow


Save as Your documents


Paste Special

ctrl + Alt + v

Show Formula and Values

Ctrl + ~

Extra Service Code


Minimize Window

Alt + Space + Tab

Maximize Window

Alt + Space + N

Window Close

Alt + U + U

Window run will open

Window + R

My Computer Open

Window + E

Search Results

Window + P

To Lock Computer

Window + L

Start Menu

Ctrl + ESC

Rename that folder

Select The folder + F2

Undo Minimize all

Window + Shift + M

System Properties

Windows + Pause Brake

Increase Font Size

Ctrl + Shift + >

Decrease Font size

Ctrl + Shift + <

To Open a new Tab

Ctrl + t

To close the Present Tab

Ctrl + W

To Open the Close Tab

Ctrl + Shift + T

To Switch in the currently open Tab

Ctrl + Tab

To switch in currently open tab which is present at current number

Ctrl + 1 to 8

To switch on the first tab

Ctrl + 1

To switch on the last Tab

Ctrl + 9

To open a new browser window

Ctrl + n

To close the Present Bowser

Alt + F4

To present in full screen


Home Page Open

Alt + Home

Go back in the current window

Backspace / Alt + left arrow

to go on forward

Alt + right Arrow

To Reload the present web page

F5 / Ctrl + R

To stop reloading on current web page


To open the stored file

Ctrl + O

Add www and .com in the name of website

Ctrl + Enter

to Zoom in the page

Ctrl + +

To Zoom Out the page

Ctrl + -

Reset the Zoom of your page

Ctrl + 0

to go on the top of web page


To go on the bottom of web page


To Jump on the Address bar

Ctrl + L, F6, Alt + D

To open the Clear browsing data option

Ctrl + Shift + Delete

New Graph


Start Menu


Open Power Menu

Window + X

Cycle through open apps and taskbar

Window + T

toggle between desktop and open apps

Window + D

Minimize all window and show desktop

Window + M

Lock your Window

Window + L

Project to external screen

Window + P

Find from start menu

Window + F

Lock Screen Orientation

Window + O

Open Setting in charm bar

Window + I

Share Menu in charm bar (Metro)

Window + H

Switch to virtual Decktop

Window + Tab

Screen Shot of active decktop

Window + Print Scn

Move apps to respective position

Window + Arrow Key

Launch application to pined taskbar

Window + 1 to 10

Select till the end of the Document

Ctrl + Shift + End

open format dialogue box

Ctrl + 1