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About DevOpsSchool Inc

The team of expert IT professionals founded and established DevOpsSchool in 2016, is pioneer of organized Training, Support & Consultant gloabally. In last few years, we became a leading training provider/consultant company in India. DevOpsSchool is a community based institution for people looking for career growth in Information Technology Sector.

Our interest in IT domain enable and motivate us to bring an unique approach to our services. We provide training, support and consulting for DevOps, Big Data, Cloud and others to professionals & to enterprises.

We are based in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai and reachable to other parts of India including abroad like Amsterdam, Dubai, New York, California and Dallas. Find our complete cities list here. We have successfully completed our training projects for individuals and for companies almost in every major & metro cities in India and still we are conducting and continuing our training.

Our DevOps trainers are from the real world of IT that means they are among you, having good professional and real time course related skills and experience. Our trainers are well known and highly qualified in DevOps and ready for 24x7 support to our participants.

DevOpsSchool have well-equipped high-tech infrastructure to conduct DevOps Training with lab facility and real time projects. Our DevOps Course is designed as per industry trend which helps professionals to achieve their career goal with industry growth.

We offer Online Training, Classroom Training & Corporate Training to the professionals & freshers worldwide which incorporated with Expert & Experienced Instructors. We combines the intensity of classroom training with the convenience of online learning.

Information Technology (IT) industry demands only qualified, skilled and talented candidates and We, DevOpsSchool helps professionals across the Globe to get accredited with renowned and recognized official certification of different courses.

Our courses constitutes of theory plus practical 30% & 70% respectively. Hands-on experience is essential of all the courses and that is why our extensive hands-on facility ensure that the candidates gets the thorough knowledge and skills. Our motto is “Let’s Learn, Practice & Share DevOps” that means we are not up to learning only but we dare to share our knowledge to this real world to create awareness and good support in DevOps domain.

DevOpsSchool is trusted, proud & recognized institute place amongst the professionals across India and across the globe. Every day we receive so many calls for enquiry and so many enrolments which made us a Proud and Prestigious DevOps Institute in this DevOps World. We are so grateful and thank to all the participants of DevOpsSchool.

Our Mission -

We empower industry professionals worldwide to build their strong career and helps Industry to grow and achieve their goals and maintain their core values with our services.

Our Vision -

We believe in empowering IT professionals & freshers with our services by making it accessible and affordable to build their career.

Our Team –

We deploy our world class team of industry experts, we aim to educate our learners with the skills they need to advance their professional life to the next level.

Our Features In Nutshell.

We are honured and proud of our community and all the particpants and our clients who shows their faith on us give us, and give their time and commitment.