AWS Interview Questions and Answer Part – 3

  1. What is Amazon RDS?
  2. What is EC2, S3, EBS?
  3. What is VPC & why we require to create VPC?
  4. Is is possible to scale an Ec2 Instance vertically?
  5. How is Amazon RDS, Redshift & DynamoDB different?
  6. How is a spot Instance different from an On-demand Instance?
  7. How Infrastructure As Code processed & executes in AWS?
  8. If your Linux-build server getting slow down, what will you do to check?
  9. Types of EBS storage?
  10. How to backup a running instance?
  11. How to secure s3 bucket?
  12. What are the security available for users to access S3?
  13. How to create AMI?
  14. What are the main components of CloudFormation?
  15. What is mapping in cloudformation template?
  16. How is YAML different from JSON?
  17. Different types of ELB?
  18. What is autoscaling group?
  19. Which type of ELB is good for application load?
  20. What is difference between application load balancer & classic load balancer?
  21. What is metrics in cloudwatch?
  22. Is it possible to recover your lost private key?
  23. How can you connect your EC2 Instance if you lost your key?
  24. While connecting to your EC2 instances, what are the possible connection issues one might face?
  25. What is Subnet & how many subnets are there in a VPC?
  26. Why do we make subnets?
  27. What is routing table?
  28. How you can connect a private subnet with a public subnet?
  29. Can VPC peering possible in two different region?
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