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AWS Lab & Exercise: VPC – Virtual Private Cloud Assignment

Problem Statement:

Create a VPC. put 4 subnets into it with 2 private and 2 public in 2 different availability zones add 2 routing tables, 1 public and 1 private and assign to respective subnets. create internet gateway and attach it to public subnet. create NAT gateway attach it to private subnet.


VPC – Virtual Private Cloud CIDR block – Classless Inter-Domain Routing -> to specify your VPC’s contiguous IP address range ->for example means 2^(32-26) = 2^6 =64,that means we have 64 ip addresses ranging from to ->cannot create VPC larger than

subnet-1: name: private-a vpc: vpcid availability zone: us-west-1a CIDR block:

subnet-2: name: private-c vpc: vpcid availability zone: us-west-1c CIDR block:

subnet-3: name: public-a vpc: vpcid availability zone: us-west-1a CIDR block:

subnet-4: name: public-c vpc: vpcid availability zone: us-west-1c CIDR block:

Route Table: Every VPC has one default route table created which has main attribute as "YES"
  • name default route table as public-RT -> create a custom route table with name as private-RT ->add private subnets to private-RT route table and public to public-RT ->one subnet can be associated to only one route table
  • Internet Gateway: It a an entity which allows connectivity from our vpc to outside internet.
  • Add route to public-RT from to internetgateway-id,so that public subnet will have access to outside internet.
  • NAT Gateway: As private instances have no public ip,NAT gateway provides internet connection to private instances.
  • choose one public subnet and create a NAT gateway ->go to private subnet and add route from to natgateway-id
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