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Copy a files from jenkins server to jenkins node/slave using pipeline plugins

Workarond 1 – Try to use stash/unstash, but it is bad for large files.

[code]node(‘master’) {
dir(‘/path/on/master/1’) {
stash ‘master-stuff’
node(‘slave’) {
dir(‘/path/on/slave/1’) {
unstash ‘master-stuff’
dir(‘/path/on/slave/2’) {
stash ‘slave-stuff’
node(‘master’) {
dir(‘/path/on/master/2’) {
unstash ‘slave-stuff’
} [/code]

Read more about stash & unstash

Workaround 2 – Try External Workspace Manager Plugin. It has pipelines steps and is good for large files.

Workaround 3 – Try to use intermediate storage. archive() and sh(“wget $url”) will be helpful.

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