Disqus Integration On HTML Websites

Comments embed
The comments embed is the core Disqus experience where most users will spend their time. By putting in a snippet of code on your website, we’ll load all the necessary components for commenting experience on a specific post, article or topic.

Universal code
This is the basic drag-and-drop embed code that you can use to show the commenting embed.

Configuration variables
You can add a unique identifier, specify a link-to URL, a title (among others) to be stored with your thread. These aren’t required, but are highly recommended.

For Example
We have Integrating Disqus on Our DevOps School Website’s. In this example we have integrating disqus on Ansible Advance Training page.

we have insert Only Two things on Disqus Js embed code
1.this.page.url = ‘https://www.devopsschool.com/courses/ansible/ansible-advance-training.html’;
2.this.page.identifier = ‘Ansible Advance training’;

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