Docker Interview Questions and Answer Part – 2

  1. What is Docker compose?
  2. What is Docker server version?
  3. What are the advantages of Docker?
  4. How do you setup Docker in Jenkins in production environment?
  5. How do create Docker image from Docker file?
  6. How do you deploy the Docker image generated in the testing environment to production environment in Jenkins?
  7. What is Docker data centre?
  8. What is Docker hub & uses?
  9. What are the types of Docker networks?
  10. How do you define network in the Docker compose file?
  11. What are the basic parameters required in the Docker compose file?
  12. What is Docker interlock?
  13. What is overlay networking?
  14. How to communicate between 2 containers present in separate network?
  15. How to store the data present in the Docker container in the AWS?
  16. If we define the Docker volume in the docker compose file is it possible to share data with the EFS, NFS?
  17. Differnce between image and container
  18. How to Run containers
  19. Why we need to mention dual ports(8080:8080) in docker run command
  20. Differnce between Copy and Add
  21. Difference between docker compose and docker swarm
  22. Why we need to use docker compose?
  23. Tell me about Docker Network
  24. What is the difference between Docker Swarm ,Compose and Kubernetes ?
  25. How does the containers communicate when the containers are running in different hosts?
  26. What is the difference between CMD and RUN
  27. How can you transfer the data from one container to another ?
  28. What is docker why we are using docker difference between vm?
  29. What is docker cloud & how it is different from docker hub what is the features over docker hub ?
  30. What is docker compose?
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