Git Interview Questions and Answer Part – 4

  1. What is Version control system or Source code manager?
  2. Benefits of VCS or SCM?
  3. What is Git and What is a repository in GIT?
  4. Diffrence between Git and SVN?
  5. Two types of git authentication?
  6. Branches in Git and its purpose?
    What is the common branching pattern in GIT?
  7. What is Pull requests?
  8. How to install git in Linux & Windows?
  9. How to setup repository though command line?
  10. How to setup repository in github and clone it?
  11. What is git clone command used for?
  12. What is git config command user for?
  13. Git config data is stored in what location?
  14. Git config global and local files?
  15. Content of git config file?
  16. Git add command’s purpose?
  17. How to remove/rename files in local git repo?
  18. git commit command’s purpose?
  19. How to sync local git repo data with github?
  20. git fetch?
  21. git merge?
  22. git pull?
  23. How to change branches in local git repo?
  24. What is the difference between ‘git remote’ and ‘git clone’?
  25. git status?
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