Git Interview Questions and Answer Part – 5

  1. What is the function of ‘git rm’?
  2. What is the function of ‘git checkout’ in git?
  3. What is the use of ‘git log’?
  4. Explain what is commit message?
  5. How to setup github ssh authentication?
  6. What is git webhooks?
    33.Tell me the branching strategies you followed for your project?
  7. What is git rebase?
  8. What is git stash?
  9. What is the difference between git pull and git fetch?
  10. Differnce between git and svn?
  11. Advantages of git compare with svn?
  12. Explain about staging area in git?
  13. How do you check after git merge …where merging is correctly or not?
  14. How to create branch and delete a branch?
  15. Do you get any conflicts while can u resolve conflicts?
  16. How can u implement authentication and authorization in git?
  17. What is the difference between git rebase and git merge?
  18. How to merge the code?
  19. Pull request in git hub – —git pull
  20. Forking a repository in git hub?
  21. Diff between svn and git —svn is centralized version control and git is Distributed Version Control.?
  22. What is forking in git repositories?
  23. explain about soft and hard reset and their difference?
  24. What kind of branching and merging you worked on GIT.
  25. with this kind of environment and the git release branching, does it work in Agile methodology?
  26. What is tagging in GIT and what is the diff between feature branching and tagging?
  27. How can you restrict a user to push the code to the repository only if the code does not meet the quality ?
  28. When will you perform Git rebase and git revert and git Merge ? Why?
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