Here are top 50 Facebook Groups/Community for DevOps, Cloud Computing, DevOps Engineers, and Software Engineers.

Facebook Groups are pages which are created within the Facebook social networking site that are based around a real-life interest or group or to declare an affiliation or association with people and things to gain and share knowledge.

Being the largest social network, Facebook is among one of the attractive online marketing hub for many business to find and attract their prospective buyer. So here I am listing out top 50 facebook group & community for DevOps, Cloud computing, and Software engineers.

Groups are mentioned below.

  1. DevOps-Beginner
  2. Cloud Computing (AWS), Big data Hadoop,Data Science, Spark Scala & R
  3. AWS Certified Developer – Associate
  4. Devops Online Training
  5. Docker Kubernetes DevOps
  6. The Cloud ( AWS, Azure )
  7. DevOps Jobs
  8. Computer Science Programming-
  9. DevOps
  10. Indians in AUSTRALIA
  11. Indians in usa
  12. Amazon Web Services Training In Hyderabad
  13. Python , SQL MSBI Power BI & Azure Cloud
  14. AWS Developers India
  15. Job Opportunity in Australia
  16. DevOps Certified Professional (DCP)
  17. DevopsProxyAndJobSupport
  18. Google Cloud Platform & Kubernetes
  19. Amazon Web Services(AWS) Group India
  20. Devops Bangalore
  21. Kubernetes Certified
  22. Microsoft Azure Cloud Discussion Group
  23. Learn AWS , DevOps , Linux & Python
  24. IT Jobs in Germany | C++, C#, PHP, JAVA, Android, SAP, Python, DevOps
  25. USA Classified Ads – Buy, Sell, Trade
  26. DevOps learning easy
  27. Devops CI/CD_Trainings and Job support
  28. AWS and DevOps Learning Community
  29. Docker – Build, Ship, Run & Share
  30. DevOps Jobs
  31. DevOps Training in Hyderabad
  32. Free Learning by Freshers Agile/DevOps/AWS
  33. Jenkins DevOps
  34. DevOps-Docker-Kubernetes
  35. AWS Certification Training Online
  36. Devops/ Aws/Linux/Ubuntu/Windows/Azure/GoogleCloud
  38. Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad fresher’s and Experience software jobs
  39. Hyderabad IT Job Openings
  40. DevOps Engineer’s
  41. DevOps Automation and Cloud Computing
  42. DevOps | DevSecOps
  44. Devops Learning Club
  45. AWS User Group – India + Global
  46. Software Testing Jobs
  47. Site Reliability Engineering Certified Professional (SRECP)
  48. DevOps (Puppets, Jenkings, Kubernetes, Docker, Nagios, GIT, Vagrant)
  49. Docker Jenkins Ansible Cloud DevOps IOT AWS AI Python Java Golang Splunk K8
  50. IT Job Seekers Group Experience & Fresher

Hope these Facebook groups are useful for your business. Thank You.

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