How to cope with a 7-page essay faster

Being a student is not as easy as you might wish it to be. You have many responsibilities that make your life complicated from time to time. Being obligated to complete various tasks dedicating most of your free time to educational activities is exhausting. You have two main ways out of these frustrating circumstances. First, applying to a trustworthy professional service and getting fast assistance on your writing. We recommend considering WritingCheap. Second, gathering information on working tips and hacks will help you complete your assignment fast by yourself.

We are sure that you have experience in writing various texts. However, speaking about writing essays, you need to consider some essential peculiarities segregating this type of text from others. Read below on the vital tips that would be helpful if you are about to write a 7-page essay speedily.

Define the topic and the type of an essay

Start with reading the instructions from your supervisor, teacher, or professor. We can assure you that skipping this vital step can lead to a need to rewrite your essay that will not economize your time. The instructions usually contain your paper’s essentials, such as the topic (one or several to choose from) and the essay formatting and type requirements. There are several types of essays common for colleges and universities:

  • Descriptive. This essay requires finding as much as possible of various characteristics of an event, a phenomenon, a person, or a thing and describing them artificially.
  • Argumentative. An author of such an essay must start with forming his or her own opinion on a particular event or a concrete problem. An author’s primary goal will be convincing readership to his or her side with strong evidence and arguments.
  • Expository. A type of an essay that will require exploring and comparing several various points of view to one subject or existing problem. It gives an audience a chance to form their own opinion on the topic.
  • Narrative. The type of an essay that assumes an author is telling a story from a certain point of view. Note that you need to explain why you tell this story and why you find it interesting for your audience.

Gather relevant materials

If the deadline is close and already knocking on your door, you do not have time to waste reading all the literature recommended by your teacher. The fastest and effective way to start is to gather materials on your topic. A vital hack is to source relevant materials on the web as it is the quickest way to get the information. If you need to write an essay on a widespread topic, we recommend you to go through papers on the same issue you can easily find on the web and form your opinion from reading them. However, we need to warn you that borrowing content is not a good idea, and you do not have to write in your essay the same thoughts, but you can get and develop your ideas more by acting this way.

An outline is a must

Create an outline before you start writing a draft. It will sufficiently economize your time. Based on an outline, you will be able to create a sufficient first draft. By polishing this draft, you could be calm on the structure, as it will work as a perfect canvas works for future painting. There are such vital sections of an outline:

  • An introduction. This section briefly states the main thesis and engages an audience into the reading by highlighting the most catching statements.
  • The main body. This part contains several sections that form a plot of an essay. Each section must be written in a separate paragraph.
  • A conclusion. A closing part of an essay that contains bottom lines and restates the main ideas described in the main body. This section does not include any new data as usual.

Time-management is vital

Assume the preliminary timing of your work depending on a deadline. Here is an approximate time count common for completing a 7-page essay from the start until the ending. To gather materials and read them, you will require 1-2 hours. To outline a draft of an essay, you will need at least 1 hour. If you are typing your paper on a keyboard, it usually takes up to two hours of continuous work to type a 7-page essay. However, note that these counting are approximate as it depends on your typing and sourcing skills, your experience in writing such type of essays, and overall knowledge of the discipline and topic.

Proofread and polish your text

Nevertheless, it takes a lot of energy to create your text; you need to prepare yourself that you will have to dedicate at least one hour to edit an essay. Many online tools are irreplaceable when it comes to optimizing the time needed for editing. Moreover, these tools will help you to check spelling, mistyping, grammar, and punctuation. We recommend looking at such proofreading tools as Hemingway, Grammarly, Wordy, and others.

Bottom line

To write a 7-page essay fast, you require using all your skills and mobilizing all your existing knowledge and relevant experience. Start with reading your supervisor’s instructions and proceed with gathering all the suitable materials from various sources. You should pay attention to appropriate outlining and consider correctly drafting your essay. Add more details to the essay’s first draft to create a meaningful basis for your text’s final version. Consider a paper structure that includes such vital sections as an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Before you start working, you will require assuming how much time you have to make it, as writing a 7-page essay usually takes at least 6 hours in total, including the preparation part and the editing stage. The final step would be proofreading and polishing your text using various online tools or help from a fresh look. We recommend you to be patient with yourself and we believe you will succeed in writing.

Rajesh Kumar