How to disable/Uninstalling Jenkins a plugin when Jenkins is down using command line?


  • A plugin is preventing Jenkins to restart
  • I need to disable a plugin and Jenkins is down

How to Uninstall a jenkins plugin using command line?
Uninstalling a plugin removes the plugin binary (*.jpi or *.hpi) from the disk. The plugin continues to function normally until you restart Jenkins, but once you restart, Jenkins will behave as if you didn’t have the plugin to being with.

Uninstalling a plugin, however, does not remove the configuration that the plugin might have created. If you want to scrab the configuration left by uninstalled plugins, go to “Manage Jenkins” and click “Manage Old Data”.

How to disable a jenkins plugin using command line?
To disable a plugin via File System, create a file like .jpi.disabled inside the $JENKINS_HOME/plugins folder. For example, to disable Green balls plugin, run:

$ touch $JENKINS_HOME/plugins/greenballs.jpi.disabled

Plugins that are disabled can be re-enabled from the UI (or by removing *.jpi.disabled (or *.hpi.disabled) file from the disk.)


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