Jenkins Interview Questions and Answer – Part 2

  • Explain what is Jenkins and what is it used for
  • Explain each of the following in the context of nodes:
    • Master
    • Slave
    • Executor
    • Agent
    • Label
  • Explain each of the following in context of jobs:
    • Job
    • Build
    • Test
    • Artifacts
  • Explain the architecture of Jenkins
  • What are the different ways to trigger a build?
  • How do you start a build automatically upon a change in a certain repository?
  • What is a plugin?
    • What plugins are you using in Jenkins? Which do you consider to most useful?
  • Installation questions
    • How to install Jenkins?
    • How to install a plugin?
    • How to install an agent?
  • Explain CI/CD and how you implemented in Jenkins
  • What type of jobs there are? what is the advantage of each type?
  • What ways are you familiar with to notify users on build results?
  • How to secure Jenkins?
  • Write a script to remove all the jobs which include the string “REMOVE_ME”
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