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Jenkins Interview Questions and Answers – Part 3

  1. What is Jenkins ?
  2. Why we use Jenkins ?
  3. What are the other tools/technologies present in market other than jenkins for CI/CD ?
  4. How to move Jenkins from one server to another ?
  5. How to create Jenkins backup ?
  6. What are plugins in Jenkins ?
  7. What are the default plugins installed in Jenkins ?
  8. How to schedule builds in Jenkins ?
  9. Difference between Ant, Maven, Gradle ?
  10. Difference between Jenkins, Teamcity and Bamboo ?
  11. How to configure a cloud access in Jenkins ?
  12. What is Jenkins slaves ?
  13. How to run a groovy script in Jenkins ?
  14. What is Jenkins Pipeline ?
  15. What are different types of Jenkins Pipeline ?
  16. What is Declarative pipeline in Jenkins ?
  17. Is Jenkins a CI tool or both CI/CD ?
  18. How to install Jenkins with non root access in Linux ?
  19. If you have 200 employees in your company, how you can assign Jenkins access to these employee how you can give permission in Jenkins ?
  20. Write the Jenkins pipeline code for Java & Php application
  21. Write the Jenkinsfile code to build a Java application with Maven with error handling
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