Jenkins Interview Questions and Answers – Part 4

An important step in making sure that the build process is taken seriously is to ________ .

  • never leave the build in a broken state (Ans)
  • send out a report on each build
  • have management introduce the new build process
  • set off the smoke alarm every time the build breaks

Which of the following is REQUIRED for using Jenkins?

  • Java 1.5 or higher (Ans)
  • Java in your Path
  • .NET framework
  • Web server

One of the primary problems that continuous integration addresses is ________ .

  • formatting code
  • isolated development (Ans)
  • language choice
  • group think

Parallelization in Jenkins can best be achieved by ________ .

  • breaking up your build into multiple jobs (Ans)
  • setting parallel to true in the Jenkins config
  • using multiple jenkins master servers
  • writing multi-threaded job scripts

Jenkins can be started from the command line by using what command?

  • java -jar jenkins.war (Ans)
  • run jenkins.war
  • java -run jenkins.war
  • jar jenkins.war

When implementing unit testing in Jenkins it is important to never _______ .

  • report the test results
  • write small tests
  • run the tests in parallel to anything else
  • leave tests broken (Ans)

Jenkins is really a tool that can be used to _________ most aspects of continuous integration?

  • reverse engineer
  • dispel
  • undo
  • automate (Ans)

Security can be set at an individual job level in Jenkins.

  • true (Ans)
  • false

The Join trigger plugin ________ .

  • makes sure multiple jobs are complete before downstream jobs can run (Ans)
  • makes 2 jobs run at the same time
  • makes a single job split into many jobs
  • makes jenkins show a different icon

A good first step for moving a build over to Jenkins is to _________ .

  • get a full build in a failed state
  • disable unit tests
  • diagram the manual process (Ans)
  • conver everything to Java

The easiest way to get a plugin for Jenkins is ________ .

  • from inside Jenkins itself (Ans)
  • creating a plugin request call
  • downloading an installer package
  • by building it from source

A workspace is ________ .

  • the central configuration area for Jenkins
  • the directory Jenkins checks source code out to (Ans)
  • the directory that Jenkins caches files at
  • the only part of Jenkins that lives in the cloud

One of the major conflicts that led to a split of the early Jenkins project was ________ .

  • how much to charge for it
  • whether or not to keep the project on (Ans)
  • what language to write it in
  • whether or not it should only work with Java applications

Jenkins is primarily written in __ _______ .

  • ruby
  • C#
  • java1 (Ans)
  • python

What should the http port be set to in order to disable regular http in favor of https?

  • 0
  • 8080
  • 43
  • -1 (Ans)

Which of the following is NOT an advantage to distributing builds across multiple nodes?

  • parallelization of jobs
  • support for multiple platforms
  • faster build times
  • automatic recovery of the master Jenkins node (Ans)

Jenkins used to be called _______.

  • burly
  • hudson (Ans)
  • cheeves
  • jeeves
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