Jenkins Interview Questions and Answers – Part 6

What are the parts of the task lifecycle

  • Execution
  • Initialization, Configuration, Execution (Ans)
  • Initialization, Configuration, Execution, Finalization
  • Configuration, Execution

How do you declare a typed task?

  • task copyImages (type: Copy) (Ans)
  • Copy copyImages
  • task copyImages (Copy)

In a multi project build which two files do I need to add to the top level project?

  • build.gradle and build.settings
  • multi.gradle and settings.gradle
  • build.gradle and settings.gradle (Ans)
  • build.gradle and

What does the wrapper task do?

  • Wraps up the code so that any exceptions are caught
  • Wraps gradle so it can be used from an IDE such as Eclipse
  • Installs an extra set of Java tasks to make testing easier
  • Ensures that all developers use the same version of Gradle to build the code (Ans)

What is the syntax for filtering tests in gradle?

  • add a test { filter {} } closure (Ans)
  • build only the tests you want to run
  • you have to run all the tests, you cannot filter
  • add the test-filter plugin

What does taskA.finalizedBy taskB do?

  • Causes taskB to run before taskA
  • Nothing, this is not yet available in Gradle
  • Causes taskB to run after taskA (Ans)
  • Causes taskA and taskB to run in parallel

How do you declare a task?

  • Task taskName (Ans)
  • Task.withName taskName
  • taskName: Task
  • Task: taskName

When copying files you can use which method to replace text?

  • expand (Ans)
  • replace
  • insert
  • regex

How do you declare dependencies between tasks?

  • taskA : taskB
  • taskB.runsBefore taskA
  • taskA.depends taskB
  • taskA.dependsOn taskB (Ans)

Which of the following is valid gradle syntax to add a compile dependency on junit?

  • compile name=junit version=4.1.2
  • compile ‘junit:junit:4.1.12’ (Ans)
  • compile ‘junit:4.12’
  • compile ‘junit:version:4.1.12’

What is the syntax for defining a repository in Gradle?

  • use jcenter()
  • repositories { jcenter() } (Ans)
  • repository: jcenter()
  • repositories: jcenter()

When you call doLast on a task twice passing different closures what happens?

  • Only the first closure is executed
  • Neither closure is executed, it is an error
  • Only the last closure is executed
  • Both closures are executed (Ans)

How do you add the java plugin?

  • apply java plugin
  • apply plugin ‘java’ (Ans)
  • java ‘plugin’
  • Do nothing. The plugin is always enabled

If you use the gradle-testsets-plugin how do you add an integrationTest sourceset in gradle?

  • testSets { integrationTest = ‘myDir’ }
  • integrationTest { dirName=’myDir’}
  • testSets { integrationTest { dirName=’myDir’ } } (Ans)
  • testSets { dirName=’myDir’}

When you use the << syntax which method on the task is executed?

  • last
  • first
  • doFirst
  • doLast (Ans)

When you taskA.mustRunAfter taskB

  • taskB always runs after
  • taskA always runs after taskB
  • taskA runs after taskB only if both tasks are scheduled to run (Ans)

If I want to run a java application which plugin do I use?

  • java-runner
  • java
  • run
  • application (Ans)
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