jQuery Implementation with CDN: An jQuery for Beginners

In this blog, you are going to learn how we will implement jQuery with CDN.

In the previous blog, we had said that we implement jQuery in three steps, in the first step we download the jQuery, so here we are going to talk about that we will not download the jQuery by applying it via CDN path….

What is CDN Path

CDN is the full name of the content delivery network. It is understood in a little detail, suppose you have a visitor to your website and he requested the server to open the website and let me open your website. , Gives CSS and images, and with this, we saw in the previous blog that I have put jQuery, so every time jQuery also gives, in return
And mind you have one thousand visitors at a time, then the load will increase every time on the server because it has to provide images, HTML, CSS and JQuery of 30 – 60 KB each time,

So here there is a solution that when we fetch JQuery file from another server when we fetch it from another server, the load of the server increases because the other three things are HTML, CSS, The images are coming from a server which is its own server.
And there is another server from where the file of our jquery is coming, we call it CDN server,

This CDN server is very handy for jQuery,
On zquery.com, there are free services of CDN server and Google also offers CDN server services and even then there is a lot of company which provides CDN server for free.

You can implement jquery file by going to it.
So this whole process is what we call content delivery network

So now let’s see how to implement it practically

On this, we downloaded the file of the jQuery and planted

How to implement jQuery CDN path

For this, we have to first go to jquery.com and then click on download.

As soon as we scroll down, we will have to go to jQuery with a CDN and click on https://code.jquery.com.

After clicking on https://code.jquery.com we are getting three types of path.

  • jQuery 3.x
  • jQuery 2.x
  • jQuery 1.x

If you want to sport your old browser like –
In Internet Explorer, ६ ७ ८ want to download jQuery 1.x and Virsen jQuery 2.x.
But if you want to create a website that can only see your website on a new browser, then you can download the jQuery 3.x version

on click minified

Copy <script> and paste your code



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