Linux Interview Questions and Answer – Part 2

  1. What is Linux?
  2. What are Linux OS Flavors?
  3. Difference between Debian & RPM based OS?
  4. What is Kernel?
  5. Explain the boot process of Linux OS?
  6. How is RHEL different from CentOS?
  7. What is the Latest version of RHEL?
  8. What is Grub?
  9. Difference between Grub & Grub2?
  10. What is boot loader?
  11. Do you think the boot process in RHEL 7 is faster than RHEL 6? If yes, How?
  12. What is .rpm & .deb?
  13. What is RPM?
  14. What is YUM?
  15. Different methods to install the rpm based packages?
  16. What is Bash?
  17. What is SHell?
  18. How many types of SHells are there? Explain the daily used basic commands like cp, mv, rm?
  19. What is the significance of touch command?
  20. In how many ways you can create a file?
  21. How to delete the content from a file?
  22. Explain the process/work behind hitting the how you access
  23. How many types of permissions are there? What is chmod?
  24. What is sticky bit ?
  25. What is ACLs?
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