Linux Interview Questions and Answer – Part 4

  1. What is MAC address? can we change the physical address?
  2. How to check system uptime?
  3. How to check memory information?
  4. What is SWAP?
  5. What is the exact memory free in your system?
  6. What is cache memory?
  7. What if you can do rm -rvf /?
  8. Kinds of permission in Linux?
  9. What is vim & vi?
  10. What is pipe |?
  11. What is grep command?
  12. What Find command does?
  13. How to redirect commands output?
  14. What is systemd in Linux?
  15. What does systemctl do?
  16. If you run a command like nautilus in terminal, whether it will block your terminal or not?
  17. If yes, whats the solution of this to not to unblock the terminal without closing the command application?
  18. What is rsyslog?
  19. What is SSH-tunnel?
  20. How to set history size?
  21. How to extend VG?
  22. What are logical & extended partitions?
  23. Explain the steps to reset root password at boot time?
  24. What are run-levels? How many types of run levels are there?
  25. How we change the run level?
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