Linux Interview Questions and Answer – Part 5

  1. How to check the logs?
  2. Difference between Journalctl & tail command?
  3. What does the subscription-manager do?
  4. How to archive a file?
  5. What is umask?
  6. How to kill a process?
  7. How to assign IP address manually?
  8. How to assign static IP address to a system?
  9. Explain the different types of Linux process states?
  10. What is a Zombie process?
  11. What is KVM?
  12. What is hypervisor?
  13. Difference between MBR & GPT?
  14. How you can mount a file system permanently?
  15. What is cron? How to setup a cron job?
  16. What is Kickstart?
  17. How to create a network bridge in Linux?
  18. Difference between iptables & firewalld
  19. What is SElinux?
  20. What is ISCSI & targetcli?
  21. Difference between NFS & SAMBA?
  22. What is nfsnobody?
  23. What is SSHFS?
  24. What is Kerberos?
  25. How to secure NFS with Kerberos?
  26. What is the difference between telnet & SSH?
  27. What is DHCP?
  28. What is Kickstart file?
  29. What is NTP Server? How to configure NTP?
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