List of best 51 Facebook Groups/Community for DevOps – Cloud – Containers Technology, DevOps Engineers, and Software Engineers

Hi, this is Ashwani, In this Blog, I going to share you something related to List of best 51 Facebook Groups/Community for DevOps – Cloud – Containers Technology, DevOps Engineers, and Software Engineers. I’m writing this Blog to help you or reduce your wastage of time for finding the best informational group on Facebook for DevOps, DevOps training, software related groups, about IT information and etc. I heart that many people waste their time to find which is the best group where I can get the large number of information. Rather than waste your time you can just go through this blog where you will get all the things. For this, I prefer the first option which I have shared in the list that is Devops School. Now the reason for why I m preferring this group because of the Activeness and the posts which they are uploading that are very useful. They share the video content to the particular tools which we are required and many things other. Now here is the List:-

  1. Devops School
  2. Devops Training
  3. DevOps G
  4. DevopsProxyAndJobSupport
  5. 100 Days of Devops
  6. DevOps learning easy
  7. DevOps-Beginner
  8. Ansible
  9. DevOps | Knowledge Sharing & Jobs
  11. Devops Learning Club
  12. Devops Learners Community
  13. Docker, Kubernetes,Cloud and Data science
  14. Docker Jenkins Ansible Cloud DevOps IOT AWS AI Python Java Golang Splunk K8
  15. Devops – Storage – Aws
  16. Sysadmin | Cloud | DevOps
  17. DevOps Arabia
  18. Unix DevOps
  19. DevOps League
  20. Almighty DevOps Engineers
  21. DevOps Hub
  22. DevOps Experts
  23. CSP Courses — Linux- OpenStack – Docker – Kubernetes – Ansible – EMC ISM
  24. KodeKloud – DevOps
  25. Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Docker, Kubernetes, DevOps in Taiwan
  26. DevOps (Puppets, Jenkings, Kubernetes, Docker, Nagios, GIT, Vagrant)
  27. Google Cloud Platform & Kubernetes
  28. Docker Vietnam
  29. Software Developer
  30. I am a Software Engineer
  31. Software Development Mastery
  32. Software Engineer Vacancies
  33. Computer Science/Software Engineering Conferences
  34. Software Testing Job seekers (Freshers & Experienced)
  35. Software Testers Community And Jobs
  36. Full Stack Developers / DevOps / Software Designers and Architects
  38. IT Genesis Solutions freelancer (Web & Software Development Company)
  39. SaaS, Tool, Software, Product, Lifetime Deals [Buy/Sale/Trade]
  40. Future Software Developer
  41. Software Testing and Quality Assurance
  42. Welcome to Hyderabad Software Test Engineers meetup group
  43. Software Testing Jobs
  44. IT Hardware & Networking Jobs
  45. JavaFX Software Developers & Engineers
  46. Hardware And Network Engineers
  47. IT System & Network Engineer
  48. Accenture 2013 batch- Associate Software Engineers
  49. Computer Engineering
  50. Black Web Developers, Programmers, Engineers & Techs
  51. DevOps Practices Group