Networking and Engineer Interview Questions and Answer – Part 1

  • What is IPv6 ? Why should we care?
  • How does ping work ? What about traceroute ?
  • I type in my browser’s URL bar and I press enter. What happens ? (discuss at every OSI layer – Physical, data link, network, transport, session, presentation, application)
    • DNS & anycast, IP, UDP, routing, BGP, TCP, HTTP, transparent proxy
    • What is BGP?
    • What’s a PTR in DNS? Why should we care?
  • What if I change from to ?
    • Public/private certificates, CAs, proxying, MiTM, etc.
  • What happens when I press the send button in my email client ?
  • How do we prevent bots crawling ? How would you deal with a syn flood ?
  • How many hosts in a /24 network? What about a /22 ?
  • What is the difference between DNAT and SNAT ? When do you use either ?
  • What is a virtual IP address? What is a cluster?
  • What is IPv6 ? Why should we care?
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