Top 5 SEO Techniques For High Ranking Blog Posts In Search Engine

What is Search Engine Optimization :- Search engine optimization is a way to balance your content by using Keywords, Images and links to help search engines and specially to Google to find your website. Blogs are particularly suited to SEO because each post is easily packed with keywords, links and images. The search engine algorithms crawl the web looking for content and always pay attention to these three clues because these algorithms are programmed with this idea. So by using these three parameters you can easily rank a website to be noticeable.

What is Search engine optimization and techniques

However if you try to jump by using so many Keywords then you might get penalized for spam. SO while SEO is very important as you want the browser to find your content better, always keep in mind that never sacrifice the reader’s experience for SEO. If your posts are pointless and unreadable and too focused on a set of keywords then you really need to rethink your strategy. There are several ways to rank your website or blog to rank in search engines and further into this article I am going to mention these techniques step by step.

  1. Off Site SEO Techniques :- One of the best ways to build up the reputation of your blogs and increase your rank through search engines is by off site links to your blogs. Which means that other people are reading and trust you as a source. But the questions comes to mind that how to do that so several points are mentioned below for your reference:

Quality content :- Quality content is must because you will never have a good reputation without having good material however countless great blogs are very hard to find so one should market themselves.

Trade links :- Trade links with fellow bloggers or incase if you do not have a network like this then you can list your blogs in directory .However Buying a link is not permissible by the search engines so better not to do that and try to focus on your content and networks.

  1. On Site SEO Techniques :- There are several ways to improve your qualities and ranking for search engines on site and some of them are mentioned below: 

Keywords :- Using Keywords is the best way to rank your blog on search engines however it should not be used again without any need and it should look very natural in reading which makes your blog post clear. Don’t use the Keywords over and don’t just use them only once and never use them again.

Good Design :- A well designed blog is actually a huge help to search engines to find the good content such as good titles, tags at the end of the blog and a good length.

Interlinking :- Linking between or within your own blogs for example writing blogs on two ideas and providing the link to each other. It helps search engines to reach out to your blog by these links.

Connect with readers :- Provide your readers a way to connect via Facebook, twitter or Google+ and allow commenting on your posts and answer each question.

  1. Blog Title Tags & Altra Tags Techniques :- Blog Title Tags are very important to SEO however they are essentially the blog subtitle. Where you can put the master keywords and also altra tags which can be added to the pictures which would not be visible to the readers but the search engine will read the same.
  1. Friendly Images :- Adding images to your blog post is a smart way to make your blog post more appealing and attractive because everyone likes to look at the pictures. But make sure that it’s better to add an image to your post with the keyword which helps search engines to recognize your post. There is a plugin called Friendly Images itself where you can find out more details about what kind of pictures you should use in that.
  1. All IN One SEO :- As you must have noticed that there are so many points to keep in mind such as keywords, metatags, linking, Image keywords, Heading , Indexing and many more for making your blog post more effective and appealing to the search engines and we might need so many plugin to work on those points hence it would be really nice to have all these plugins in one pack. There is a plugin for that named All In One SEO pack through WordPress that takes care of all these things. 

Conclusion :- As we have already talked about so many techniques for a better blog post to rank in search engines still in my suggestion content is the king and all these techniques will only work if your content is really nice for readers and search engines will never replace a good content at any cost. So while applying all these techniques to your post, always that content is the king and focus on your content.

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