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Splunk Interview Questions and Answer Part – 2

Which port is the default forwarding port?

  • 8683
  • 8089
  • 9997 (Ans)
  • 8079
  • 9907
  • 9090
  • 80
  • 8080

Universal forwarders do not parse data.

  • False
  • True (Ans)

Which port is the default management/deployment port?

  • 9997
  • 8089 (Ans)
  • 4447
  • 4096
  • 8008
  • 8080
  • 80

Which type of forwarder requires a specific type of license?

  • Universal
  • Light
  • Heavy (Ans)
  • Advanced

On which platform(s) can you use WGET to install a universal forwarder?

  • Linux
  • Unix
  • Windows
  • Solaris
  • AIX
  • All of these (Ans)
  • None of these
  • Linux, AIX, and Solaris only
  • Windows only

Other than the installation wizard on Windows, how can you configure a universal forwarder?

  • Uninstall and reinstall the universal forwarder to reconfigure it.
  • On Windows, that is the only way. On Linux/Unix, you can edit the configuration files.
  • By editing the configuration files. (Ans)
  • None of these.

Universal forwarders should also be installed on all indexers.

  • False (Ans)
  • True

Some syslog devices do not require Splunk forwarders. Syslog data is generally received on port

  • 443
  • 80
  • 9999
  • 8080
  • 514 (Ans)

Which of the following is not a Splunk default metadata assignment?

  • source
  • sourcetype
  • index
  • host
  • network (Ans)

Splunk can locally monitor both individual files and entire directories.

  • True (Ans)
  • False

Which of the following needs to be placed in quotes?

  • Keywords
  • Phrases (Ans)
  • Commands
  • Transformations

Which search mode does not discover fields?

  • Fast (Ans)
  • Verbose
  • Smart
  • No_Fields

The time 11:33 PM can be expressed in the following Splunk variables:

  • %H-%S-%p
  • %B:%H %i
  • %I:%S :p (Ans)
  • %H:%S %p

The date Monday, February 23, 1985 can be expressed in the following Splunk variables:

  • %M, %m %d, %Y
  • %b, %m %m, %Y
  • %A, %B %e, %Y (Ans)
  • %Y, %e %b, %y

Which of the following is not an option for extracting fields?

  • ddex (Ans)
  • regex
  • delimiters

Indices are “buckets” where Splunk data is stored on disk.

  • False
  • True (Ans)

Splunk detects fields as _

  • regular expressions.
  • preconfigured metadata.
  • key=value pairs. (Ans)
  • events.

The basic search pipeline goes

  • middle-in
  • middle-out
  • from specific to general.
  • from general to specific (Ans)

The Search app comes built into Splunk Enterprise.

  • True (Ans)
  • False

SPL stands for

  • Search Processing Language (Ans)
  • Splunk Processing Language
  • Super Processing Language
  • Search Positioning Language
Rajesh Kumar