What is SonarQube and How it works? An Overview and Its Use Cases

History & Origin of SonarQube? Simon Brandhof starts developing the Sonar platform by integrating best-of-breed open source tools for Java. The two of them are joined in September 2007 by…

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Top interview questions and answers for SonarQube

The SonarQube is a web-based open source platform used to measure and analyses the source code quality. The Code quality analysis makes the code more reliable and more readable. The…

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What are the alternatives of SonarQube for Code Quality Management?

Alternate of Sonarqube for Code Quality Management tools?

There is not a popular known alternate of Sonarqube and Sonarqube is definitly dominating the Software Quality management domain in terms of open source cateogry. But you may try following tools depends on the use and project requirements.