Top 50 Exim Interview Questions & Answer

1) You are not given the tools you need to be successful. How would you change that In Exim? State a business case to your manager / leader as to…

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Top 50 haproxy Interview Questions & Answer

1) Is HAProxy a load balancer? HAProxy (High Availability Proxy) is open source proxy and load balancing server software. It provides high availability at the network (TCP) and application (HTTP/S)…

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Top 50 Cobertura interview questions and answers

1) Where Does The Name “cobertura” Come From? “Cobertura” is the Spanish and Portuguese word for “coverage.” We were trying to avoid acronyms and coffee references. It’s not too hard…

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Top 50 OpenCV interview questions and answers

1) Explain what is OpenCV? OpenCV stands for Open Source Computer Vision Library is an open-source library using which is used to develop real-time computer vision applications such as image…

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Top 10 free screen recorder with quality video and audio

Free screen recorder applications have come a long way in the past few years, and there are tons of impressive tools out there that can capture everything that happens on…

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How to assign computer startup scripts?

1. Open the Group Policy snap-in. 2. In the console tree, click Scripts (Startup/Shutdown). – Where? policy name Policy > Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Scripts (Startup/Shutdown)or Start the…

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Click & Download TOP useful Freeware software

Click & Download TOP useful Freeware software Office OpenOffice – office suite PC Suite 602 – office suite AbiWord – text editor Atlantis Nova – text editor Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer  – power…

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Batch Program to Shutdown and restart the computer.

Batch Program to Shutdown and restart the computer.  Restart echo off D:\Temp\tmp\SHUTDOWN.EXE /L /R /Y /C pause   Shutdown echo offd:\tmp\SHUTDOWN.EXE /L /Y /C pause

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