Top 50 Cobertura interview questions and answers

1) Where Does The Name “cobertura” Come From? “Cobertura” is the Spanish and Portuguese word for “coverage.” We were trying to avoid acronyms and coffee references. It’s not too hard…

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Top 50 Jacoco interview questions and answers

1) Is JaCoCo only for Java? JaCoCo supports Java class files from version 1.0 to 16. However the minimum JRE version required by the JaCoCo runtime (e.g. the agent) and…

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Top 50 Unit testing interview questions and answers

1) What is smoking? In unit testing, we use mocking. An object you want to test may have other complex object dependencies. You replace the other objects with mocks simulating…

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Top 5 Code Coverage Tools | Best Test Coverage Tools

Today we will talk about code coverage tools which are used by developers for measuring the quality of the software testing. There are so many different types of code coverage…

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Difference between Code Coverage and Test Coverage | Code Coverage VS Test Coverage

There is not any official distinguished between code Coverage and Test Coverage. Some practitioner has expressed their difference opinion in terms of defining Code Coverage and Test Coverage. Code coverage…

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What is Code Coverage and Why Code Coverage?

What is Code Coverage Code Coverage is an important measurement in Software Quality Engineering. While Software testing ensures correctness of the applications, a metric is required to track the What…

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Overview of EMMA | Code Coverage Tool – EMMA

Overview EMMA is a tool for measuring coverage of Java software. Such a tool is essential for detecting dead code and verifying which parts of your application are actually exercised…

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