Top 50 Appium interview questions and answers

1) Describe various types of mobile applications Mobile applications are of the following three types: Native Applications: Applications that are created with the help of iOS and Android SDK are…

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Top 50 Selendroid interview questions and answers

1) Explain what is Appium? Appium is a freely distributed open source mobile application UI Testing framework. 2) List out the Appium abilities? Appium abilities are Test Web Provides cross-platform…

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Examples of Microservices Architecture

Various Example architectures and their benefits For Global Mantics might look like and what advantages these architectues might brings to the tablse.We’ll also talk about some possible team structures that…

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Hybrid testing introduction, What is Hybrid testing?

Hybrid testing definition. testing. A combination of top-down testing with bottom-up testing of prioritized or available components   According to Wiki: Hybrid testing is what most frameworks evolve into over time and multiple projects….

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